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Become an Angel by Wearing A Fishtail Half Halo Braid

Become an Angel by Wearing  A Fishtail Half Halo Braid

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Fishtail half halo is a wonderful braid for anyone looking to bring out best of their beauty. You may have dreamed of living like a princess in your childhood fantasies, though now you have grown up but you can still live up all the dreams you have seen- if it’s of an angel that helps good people and keeps a good heart in general.

The halo is a kind of ring that we see on the head of sacred angel, the braid that I am going to write a tutorial on now is very much inspired by the light that sacred creatures get around their hand. Some believe that the light of halo protects the angel or is a life of it, let’s not talk about the complicated statements different people have given on different time of the history.

If you have an urge to look bolder than usual, a halo braid can very much do it, it would make you look delicate and soft in addition to transforming your facial makeover in a very different manner- forget all the hair waves and soft fringes, now it’s time to show you are as soft as rose petals are.

Things needed for the halo fishtail braid

Tutorials on how to a do a fishtail halo braid

  1. The braid is very much like a hand band too, you just need to make one or two nice fishtail braids together and tie them together in the center of the head. If you are running out of time you can make double twisted braid and tie them together just like the fishtail they will also create a simple and nice halo.
  2. I personally think that fishtail braid is worth extra time, so don’t fret if it takes a bit more time because it’s not easy to get perfection in style. Just part your hair in one section and use the clip to hold the back hair away from the braid.
  3. Make your fishtail braid in which you first make a faux braid and then hair from the opposite side of the tail by crossing loops beneath the braid instead of above.
  4. For adding hair to the left section you take hair from the right side but you cross the hair loop beneath the braid before adding it to the left.
  5. The stitch will be done once you complete one circle of braid by crossing right hair to the left and left hair to the right, keep in mind that you need to cross the hair beneath the tail all the time unlike French in which you cross on the same side over the sectioned area.
  6. When done you just to pin up the braid behind the ear, somewhere in the middle of the head to create your hair.
  7. Curl the back hair to add more charm to the braid.

Video Tutorials on how to a do a fishtail halo braid

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