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Beautiful Twisted Fishtail Braid for Night Summer Parties

Beautiful Twisted Fishtail Braid for Night Summer Parties

For day events of summer you should wear twisted bands, high ponytails and all the styles in which hair is tied completely because no matter where the event be organized you would feel a bit heat. To avoid getting overheated in the function, you should allow the air to pass through your hair and body especially if you are going to wear full sleeved outfit.

For night parties in summer you can set your waves free because the weather is fairly normal after evening. Today I am going to share a wonderful fishtail braid idea which is very suitable for blond, black and brunette hair. If you have already dyed your hair in two toned, you can get benefit from this twisted fishtail braid because different shades of hair come out more noticeably in it when hair loops are weaved together.

Things needed:

  • All Products available on
  • Curling machine or curler
  • Red tail brush
  • One soft band to secure the fishtail
  • Soft Mousse
  • Hair Spray of any good brand

Tutorial on twisted fishtail braid

  1. Wash and condition your hair because good waves are prominent only on bouncy hair.
  2. Apply the mousse and massage your hair, let the mousse sit in your hair for a quite while while you heat up your curling machine.
  3. Use the curling iron or curlers to make some tight waves. These waves will be loosen up later during the style and will soften up so make sure you have had tighter ones in the first place so curls don’t look flat once they open up.
  4. Pick hair section from the right side and twist it a bit, pin it up.
  5. Pick hair section from the left side and twist it up.
  6. Pin off the right twisted hair strand and now take both twisted loops in your hand.
  7. Once together, make four equal size hair loops out of these two hair loops.
  8. Now pull the second hair loop over the third one.
  9. Cross the first hair strand beneath the hair and take it on the left side.
  10. Cross the fourth hair strand beneath the hair and take it on the right side to make your stitch.
  11. Once your fishtail is ready, just tie it with a rubber band.
  12. Finger brush your waves, your style is ready.
  13. Splash the spray and you are ready to go out.

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