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Beautiful picture of this elegant nail design

Beautiful picture of this elegant nail design

Here is a beautiful picture of this elegant nail design. Many of you would love to apply it on your nails. Here are some of the steps that can help you in doing so. It doesn’t require any effort. All you need to do is purchase some small metal flowers from any shop.

First of all, the things you need to make this nail designs are:

  • Find all things you need on
  • Shine polish
  • Pink nail paint
  • Metal flowers
  • Thinner

When you have these accessories, you can start making this beautiful design. The first thing you need to do is cover your nail with paint nail polish. This will serve as your base polish and will help you in giving your design a neat and clean look. Use a light pink shade for this nail art.

After that, put the metal flower on each nail with the help of glue. Try keeping it neat. Pink flowers or flowers of dark pink shade will add elegance to your design. You can even add beads to make your design look fancier.

Let it dry and after that add a shine polish coat from above. This will add neatness to your work. Make use of thinner if you think it’s necessary on the boundaries of the nail. And with this, enjoy this very beautiful nail art on your nails and make your hands look best.


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