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5 Best Advantages of Lemon Juice for Skin

Lemon juice is used in a variety of makeup grade products and creams. This organic fruit is in rich in vitamin C which is one of the most powerful antioxidant that our skin needs on regular basis to maintain its beauty.

There are many advantages of lemon juice for skin such as:

5 Best Advantages of Lemon Juice for Skin

Skin Brightening: The lemon juice is regarded as a skin brightening agent. Vitamin C has many derivatives which can be mixed with a base to make a strong skin cream. If you check the market you will easily find vitamin C serum which is extracted from fresh lemon and is then processed for skin lotions. Some other ingredients are mixed with it to make it a mild tonic.

Peeling: If you apply lemon extract with basin flour and turmeric onto your skin, your uppermost layer of skin will peel off itself, revealing a fresh, youthful skin. When a lot of dead cells cover the skin layer, you may want to peel the outer layer using lemon to get a fresh layer on top.

Anti-aging: The collage reduces in skin cells as we start to age. There are some agents that can stop the aging process by improving the collage product into skin. Lemon juice can do it. It will keep your skin cells intact and improve collagen through its powerful anti-oxidants.

Blood Circulation: The blood circulation in your cells may be affected in some way, as a result of which you skin turns dull and saggy. To improve the texture, you can apply lemon juice extract on it to accelerate the circulation in skin cells to bring out freshness.

Remove Marks: Lemon can also help you get rid of certain skin conditions such as discoloration, marks, brown pigmented area and uneven skin tone. By improving the production of melanin in skin, lemon helps rejuvenating the skin layers.

Note:   It would not be wise of you to apply lemon directly onto skin that has cuts, blisters, and scratches. If even there is just one cut of finger nail you will feel stingy as when you apply lemon. Never forget that any citric juice is acidic for the skin and it must not be applied on areas where there is inflammation, pus filled acne, or any other problem such as redness due to burns.

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